This blog will be a compilation of some of the best places to find information about gay marriage coverage in the 2012 presidential election process, annotated by me, Kristen Case.


Why Obama Shouldn’t Defend Gay Marriage (For Now)

Michael Tomasky wrote this article for The Daily Beast about why Obama should not be a champion for marriage equality, at least for now. It’s a really well-written article, and he makes a lot of good points in it.

The end of it may be my favorite though:

And by Jan. 19, 2017, his last night in the White House, 65 percent of Americans will support the right, the usual 35 percent will be left wondering what happened to “their” country, and those new generations of Americans will still have seen, and still pretty dramatically, that a Democratic president took a risk and did the morally right thing. Which I’m all for. I’m just for winning first.

Obama’s policy on marriage equality still “evolving”

Whatever that means.

Apparently, things don’t resolve themselves in a week. Obama is still struggling with the idea of adding gay marriage as plank of his presidential platform in this upcoming election.

Other interesting tidbits…

While Obama isn’t 100% for marriage equality being part of his platform this year, he seems to support the idea of marriage equality.

Marriage equality plank of Democratic platform?

The chairman of the 2012 Democratic National Convention said that he believes that gay marriage should be part of the Democratic platform this year.

Obama, however, doesn’t agree 100%. It should be very interesting to see how that works out.

Obama to not focus on social issues in presidential campaign

This article on The Huffington Post website discusses the fact that the Democratic party does not think that there should be a focus on social issues in the upcoming presidential election. They think that there should be a focus on economical issues, but are happy that the Republican party has caused damage by focusing on things like contraception and the role of religion in government.